Monday, March 5, 2018

#7 Get Input from the Cloud

Build a landing page and see if anyone shows any interest (e.g. as Buffer, Dropbox did). Check out KickoffLabs, The account you create is a trial one that will expire. The cheapest upgrade is to premium (apparent grade inflation has come to business value promotion) $663 per year, $79 month to month. You should have your answer within a month.
I don't recommend UnBounce unless you are serious. They grab your credit card and automatically bill it after the 30 day "free" trial at the rate of $79/month ($764 if you pay for the whole year). In my world if you give out your credit card to someone you are no longer being given something for free. You are given something in exchange for the default choice that you become a paying customer.

Within a day you should have a clue if you indeed have identified a problem that a potential customer needs and wants to solve.

The above is step #1. If step #1 fails, STOP!

Entrepreneurs are an inspired and stubborn lot. They tend to toward reaffirming their assumptions and ideas They desperately attempt to confirm their brilliance and potential. The purpose of the above strategy is to address that flaw.

So be ready to dump your idea and come up with a better one. Or perhaps come up with 10 ideas and pick the best. But don't get stuck on the one "perfect" solution especially if early on you can see that there is no problem that your "solution" is addressing.

If a month tells you that you are on track, then consider creating a WordPress site with your $663/$764 since you need much more than a one-page promotion site and there are plenty of tools to create forms and collect data with WordPress. Plus this is a skill you need to obtain and with your next idea you can simply modify what you did the last time.

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